Face Team

The most fun we have at work? Making every client into a star.

LESLEY, THE PHOTOGRAPHER ‘My favourite place is my studio. This is where I feel at home and love to make it happen: the search for detail, the control over light, the right set-up and the perfect image, captured in an instant. I started Brand Your Face because I knew that entrepreneurs would really benefit from business portraits that strengthen their brand—and make them feel great about themselves.’

STEFANIE, THE MAKE-UP ARTIST & ENTERTAINER has been on all sides of the camera. ‘Fashion shoots are one thing but doing photographic make-up for people who aren’t used to it is something completely different. It’s 50% artistry and 50% psychology. I can make a difference for these clients: they aren’t only going to look beautiful; they’re going to feel beautiful.’

HEADSPACE, THE STUDIO - Dedicated, designed and equipped to let your true colours shine — even in black and white. This is where the magic happens.

Face Team: Luxe headshot van Lesley

Face Team: studio